Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Zooomr earns obligatory Web2.0 downtime

ZooomrI'm reluctant to make this a blog about website availability, but it seems that all's going well over at the new site to compete with Flickr, called Zooomr. Opening to much acclaim from TechCrunch et al, it soon needed to move up a gear and posted a holding page "Due to really high-volume traffic from around the world, Zooomr is now being moved to a bigger data center." It looks like, with Technorati also under capacity strain, that this type of socially acceptable downtime is some sort of badge of honour for Web2.0 sites.

Can't wait for Zooomr to be back up and running. My fave feature is the ability for photos taken in the same area at the same time to be associated around the concept of being a common event. Compare your photos with others at the same event!

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