Friday, March 31, 2006

Wagamama ditches HP in favour of Symbol

Wagamama adopt Symbol devicesSilicon has an article about the Wagamama restaurant chain opting for rugged Symbol mobile computers to reduce the maintenance costs. Glad the restaurant chain read my feedback form in late 2002 :) The article, I think rather diplomatically, says that Wagamama "flirted with using iPaqs". Come on. Back in late 2002 the Soho branch was using iPaqs. In 2003 they were using iPaqs. Their recipe book of 2004 shows staff using iPaqs (amusingly seemingly struggling in the background with a pair of them on page 29). Flirting? Give me a break. We used iPaqs for customer service duties in 2001. Within 3 months we'd killed all their batteries. Within 6 we'd dropped them (Compaq in those days of course).

Let's get real for a sec. iPaqs are not designed to do what the Symbol devices do. HP need not make any apology. It is a white collar device. Symbols are made to take a battering on the front line.

1. I'm surprised at Wagamama taking so long to see the light.
2. I'm amused by Silicon apparently not wishing to offend the mighty HP (and their advertising revenue).

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