Friday, March 03, 2006

Symbol PocketPC Holsters

Tuff as NutsI've been searching for a solution to a problem where a client needs their employees to carry their industrial Symbol PocketPCs for long periods of time without impeding movement and whilst the device remains more accessible than if it was in a pocket. I must say, I was very disappointed. I'm left thinking that Symbol haven't looked at the problem seriously. Their hardware is solid. They understand what their users are going to do with these things. So why have they sourced the flimsiest of holsters? Even if the velcro holster with belt didn't look so flimsy, at less than £15 I know that it just isn't going to be much better than disposable.

...and then, just when I was starting to think laterally (highly trained labradors bred with opposable thumbs) I stumbled across just the thing from Tuff as Nuts. These bad boys are hand made (hopefully not by 'little fingers') with reassuringly thick leather and steel reinforced belt clips. At $55 these are a steal for businesses to protect their investment- something the 3 year guarantee backs up.

Yes, they're over the pond (the big one, not the one with the tunnel) but with worldwide delivery, they're sorted.

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