Friday, March 31, 2006

Traffic and Travel

I don't know if anyone has tried a Traffic and Travel blog with mobile updates yet but here's my attempt:

The M25 is running ok clockwise from Junction 10 to 11. A minor two car incident at 11 is slowing things a bit before a larger fenderbender between 11 and 12 really slows things up. The volume of traffic then seems to make for slow going through to at least the junction with the M4.

The Anticlockwise M25 is running smoothly over the same stretch.

The M3 northbound exit slip at Junction 3 is backing up onto the motorway.

Now imagine if you aggregated similar blogs from other 'traffic watchers' with a useful search tool, you could build quite a useful real time travel news feed. Even better, if I had a mobile gui to save the typing and improve the data order.

If you make your fortune from this idea, I'm prepared to barter my "prior art".

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