Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Leap Year Birthdays

Birthday Boy/ManI went to a birthday party last night. The question is, should it have been last night or tonight? You see, the birthday boy was born on the 29th Feb. Generally, it would be a matter of trivia, but in this case it is (was?) the 18th Birthday and when you're celebrating at the pub, you might need a persuasive case for the landlord. The revellers all agreed that the most important thing is that it is a Feb birthday to be celebrated on the last day of February. March just doesn't cut it with a February child. Thankfully, the landlord agreed (perhaps fearing the riot which might ensue had he decided otherwise).

The second thing which is relevent for my descent into a mid life crisis is that the birthday boy, a grown man, was born in 1988. So what? Well, the day before was the closing of the Calgary Winter Olympics where Eddie the Eagle soared with majesty and the Jamaican Bobsleigh team slid with aplomb. That wasn't that long ago surely...

Anyway, many happy returns L.


Alex said...


Um, this isn't so much a comment on leap year birthdays (which, to be honest, I've never thought about from a licensing point of view!) but about the comment you left on my blog (eatingleeds) - I'm just wondering how you came across my blog - since you are my first poster who's not family!

(I couldn't work out how to just email you!)

Richard Atkinson said...

Hi Alex,

I think I searched on Technorati for "Wharfedale" or something. Although I live in Bournemouth at the moment, I'm from your neck of the woods so am often slinging local places into Technorati to keep an eye on the old place. Making sure it's being looked after.

Do I get a badge for being the first stranger to blog?