Friday, March 17, 2006

Jensen comments on BAR-Honda's progress

In my blog posting earlier this week about whether BAR Honda are a top tier team, I think we now have the evidence we need. ITV F1 have published an interview with Jensen Button ahead of the second F1 race of the season in Sepang, Malaysia which pretty much concludes, for me, that the Honda package is not as strong as those of Ferrari, Renault or McLaren.

In response to questions about his ability to get on the podium he referred to needing the perfect race and then said "If you have any sort of issue these days, with how competitive the field is, you have no chance of getting on the podium, let alone winning a race."

Well, Kimi Raikkonen managed to put his McLaren in the top three after a huge, ahem, “issue” which put him to the back of the grid. So clearly, the Button rule does not apply to McLaren. You have to put the Ferraris and Renaults in that league too.

I’m sure Jensen has the ability, but it looks like he needs a weekend to go all his way and perhaps for others to run into difficulty. Still, it’s early doors and let’s see how all the teams evolve over this weekend.

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