Friday, March 03, 2006

Digitally Imported Radio

Digital Imported RadioYou'd have thought that after my rant about music genres, the last thing you might expect to excite me is an online radio station called Digitally Imported FM(DI FM) with 15 channels all dedicated to a different form of dance. That's right, there are apparently 15 mutually exclusive subcategories. Of course there are. For you doubters, you'll instantly recognise the differences between Trance, Vocal Trance, Chillout, House, Hard Dance, Euro Dance, Progressive, Goa-Psy Trance, Hardcore, Lounge, Ambient, Drum 'n' bass, Classic Electronica, Breaks and Gabba. Additionally there are channels dedicated to DJ Mixes and Replays. Anyway, I'm typing this whilst bouncing away to the Trance channel and I must admit to being very impressed so thanks due to DJ Amber for the tip off.

Many stations have started to charge and some have disappeared from the e-waves like Coppernob Radio (aka cnSohoLive)- probably something to do with that aforementioned charging and tight folk like me. Anyway, DI FM have premium services for those whose wallets aren't big enough to hold all their disposable income, and retains certain tight-wad options for the rest of us. A broad looking array of download speeds and formats are available. If I didn't hide my journalistic review talents behind a thick wall of laziness, I'd work out if there were any options they've missed, but then I'm doing this for free you know. Buy a few books through my links to Amazon and I might start to see what I can do. Lots of community and syndication stuff for the full sticky experience* too. Meanwhile, I suggest you give it ago. Even if dance music isn't in your duffle bag baby, there are listings of everything from classical to new age across DI FM's sister network,

Incidentally, if your bag is less duffle and more metallic and you live in London, the hot guest list this weekend is the launch of Above and Beyond's new album, "Tri-State", on Saturday night. I wonder if the wonderful Justine Suissa will make a live appearance (Above and Beyond+Justine=Oceanlab)? A 3 hour set by the lads would be a long time to go with out some Oceanlab shaped breathers.

*something I read once

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