Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bel Air? Beverley Hills? Nope, Dorset

Dorset ResidenceReplete with columns and a pair of lions, this colonial-style residence is just what you'd expect to see in the nouveax-riche areas of LA. But no. This is down on the South Coast of the UK in Dorset. The blue roof tiles are supposedly a deterrent to gulls taking up residence.

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Matt_c said...

Gulls, and anyone with taste. I have no idea why Sandbanks is so highly priced (ie. third in the world or something). It just feels like any other suburban area - most of the buildings are average at best, its miles to the shops and not that secluded. Now Branksome Park - that's a classy place to live.

Nice to someone else blogging from Poole/Bournemouth. Doesn't seem to many of us as far as I can see. Not very tech-savvy down here (unlike you, it seems :).