Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tech Acceptance- Verbalised Trademarks

Don't worry, I looked up the word "verbalised" in the dictionary and with mixed emotions I have to report that it really does exist. At least, I've missed the opportunity to be the first person to think of it. However, if anyone is interested, I'd like to coin the phrase "verbalised trademarks" which Google has zero returns for (in either the verbalized or verbalised form).

This talk of Google, brings us to what I mean by verbalised trademarks. In an earlier blog I commented on BBC Radio 4 having a podcast and how this is a measure of technology acceptance. Well, building on this, another measure of super-acceptance is when your technology trademark becomes a verb. It is something we have striven for in my business, although that only applies in the niche we operate in- as sort of a term of endearance.

It won't be long until the verb "google" is entered into the dictionary and is joined by derivatives of the verbs "to photoshop" and "to skype". This is nothing new- unless Zip is a trademark, the earliest example which springs to mind is "to hoover". Obviously in this case a proper noun has become common aswell as a verb being created. On that note, why has Biro never become a verb when it has achieved common noun status? I doubt whether google or photoshop will become generic nouns to describe that area of functionality, but skype may yet stand a chance. Watch this space.

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