Friday, March 10, 2006

"The Apprentice" a la Microsoft...

courtesy of Microsoft...and I don't mean that nobody gets fired. No, this is a cunning new way for Microsoft to publicise new releases to the Dev community- The Code Room. Sadly, I think white papers and dry presentations are with us to stay, but wrap all that juicy new dev stuff in a snazzy (perhaps corny) TV format, and you have something really accessible and entertaining.

Three developers are set a challenge which involves a voyage of discovery into whatever new thing MS are trying to let us know about. They then have to build a solution against the clock involving what they've learnt. There is always an interesting slant- Epsiode 2 was delivered from a dev environment set up in a Seattle Shopping Mall. Episode 3 was titled "Breaking into Las Vegas" and pitted the whits of six world-class security experts against ThePlaza's online money management system.

The Code Room has laughs for everyone, but I think the world will be divided into those who laugh with and those who laugh at. Full realism- from the geek social skills right down to the last slice of pizza.

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