Thursday, March 09, 2006

Extended Thanks to San Carlos Airport Pilots Association

Further to my thanks to Bob Leutens of the San Carlos Airport Pilots Association for researching an aircraft accident in 1967, I have to say "Bob's done it again". He very kindly went to the County library and looked through their San Mateo Times archive. Much microfiche later and Bob's found an article printed two days after the accident discussing the search for the wreckage. Unfortunately I had not, as yet, published the fact that it apparently took 4 weeks to find the wreckage, otherwise the library search might have been able to find a later story. Nevertheless, thank you so much Bob, the article has opened up several further avenues of research. The newspaper records the flight plan as a take off from San Francisco, routed via Stockton CA and Phoenix, presumably eventually landing in Houston. I'll be looking to contact flying clubs and associations at those locations to see if anyone remembers Harry Lee Roy.

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