Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The future of the Millennium Dome

Three piles of scrap- The Millennium Dome is the one in the middleI took this photo earlier today of a load of scrap material. In the foreground is a metal reclaim merchant. Ha ha.

The Millennium Dome was commissioned by the Government and designed by Richard Rogers, as a showpiece for the Millennium celebrations. Marred by controversy, this amazing building -the World's largest dome- lies empty and with an uncertain future. Bidders were invited to submit proposals, but after the winning bidder, Nomura, withdrew this left merely deflated discussions with the Plan B team, Legacy, who wish to turn it into some sort of technology business park. Sadly, it seems that it has lost its ability to excite and spur the imagination. I had wondered whether the London 2012 Olympics might be a cause to bring it back to life, but it seems that politicians dare not utter its name. Let's build a new velodrome instead shall we? Don't tell me it's not big enough.

For all its grandeur on the south bank of the Thames, it's quite a sad sight... especially when framed between two mounds of scrap metal on the opposite bank!

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