Thursday, March 16, 2006

Coffee Nation for your Quick Stop Caffeine Fix

Coffee NationCoffee Nation is a revelation. At least it was first thing this morning! With the phenomena of Coffee Republic, Starbucks, Costa Coffee and co bringing quality caffeine-shakes to the UK high street, the palettes of the nation have become more selective. However, we still had to put up with dodgy vending machine coffee at petrol stations. Then, a few years ago, along came Coffee Nation and road warriors like me could get a reasonably good Cappuccino with the next 300 miles worth of fuel (what's a couple of quid when you're spending 40 or 50 already?). I've alot of respect for this company. They've really met the technology challenge head on with great machines and a servicing model which apparently works.

I'd be interested to know if this is being done outside of the UK too or is it something peculiar to our culture?

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Anonymous said...

Coffee Nation rocks my world man!

Great Coffee, Real Quick !

Their engineers are all hunks as well!

Did you know you can get them in Tesco and Sainsbury's now?

Richard Atkinson said...

No I didn't know that... the Tescos and Sainsbury's bit, not the hunks bit.

Any particular branch? Again, the great coffee bit, not the hunk bit.

Anonymous said...

I saw a Coffee Nation engineer today - he was ginger - how is that a hunk?

Anonymous said...

the best coffee you can get anywere when shop drive or fly in the uk simply the best !!!!