Monday, March 27, 2006

Not so grim up North

The Crescent, IlkleyIf I'd been the owner of
The Crescent in Ilkley staring out at this scene on Friday lunchtime, I might have been concerned. However, one word with the maitre'd and he'd have dabbed my financial brow by pointing out that it was only midday and every table in this picture is actually booked. Not only that, but once the revellers turned up, they would be knocking back the vino. Not quite the scene you expect for a provincial town but it ain't as grim up north as some people want you to believe.

Timothy Taylor BeerI understand that the venue may be listed in The Daily Telegraph's "lunch for a fiver" promo, but this was proving a popular lunchtime spot by any measure.

For those wanting the usual incisive gluttony review (and in the words of the locals)- "it was nay t'bad 'n' proper beer n'all".

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