Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CreativeCraving brings Cafepress-like service to UK

Way back in July 2006 I suggested that someone should set up a business like Cafepress but with a UK based operation- rather than from west coast US. This was partly out of guilt from buying a $5 mug from Cafepress and then paying nearly the same to post it back to the UK from San Fran. I still felt the price was reasonable, but just imagine the carbon footprint!

Anyway, someone from Creative Craving has contacted me... it's been done. And done well. I would normally feel envious that I'd spotted an opportunity and someone else has exploited it before me, but I sincerely don't begrudge the great job they've done. I hope to be a customer soon and see if the experience lives up to the anticipation.

Apple Join New-Year dieting fad with MacBook Air

OK, so who saw the MacBook Air coming? Any mention at Consumer Electronics Show? No. The next expected step from Apple to be announced in the Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld 2008 was variously touted, but was broadly along the lines of exploiting the market position gained by the iPod Nano, iPhone and Apple TV. BUT NO. How's this for breaking the rule book... an ultrathin laptop! Or THE ultrathin laptop? Given the number of suppliers needing to cooperate around the launch of a innovative laptop, it is amazing that it was kept so well under wraps. The closest whiff we all had was the speculation around the FlashMac- technology which we see here in the solid state drive.

Actually, perhaps all that just shows how far my finger has strayed away from the pulse?

It is not yet known when true devotees will be able to dig deep into their pockets in the UK, but there are surely many waiting for the excuse. The common theme to all of Apple's product launches recently has surely been their ability to exceed expectations... and with each launch those expectations get higher.

Actually, despite this post following the attention grabbing headline announcement, I think the most impactful thing mentioned by St.Steve of Jobs is the hi-def Apple TV. The MacBook Air clearly has the wow factor and will be snapped up by niche buyers, but hi-def has far wider appeal and relevance. Surely Apple have to open up to having products like this being resold through high street consumer retailers? That's where people realise that hi-def is what they always wanted. Will Apple do it? This stuff is too good to sit in minimalist 'computer shops'.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Post for Technorati to register my claim for www.clickrich.co.uk

Sorry folks, just publishing this post so I can claim the blog under my new URL www.clickrich.co.uk.

Technorati Profile

ClickRich is Back

No, it's not the title of a song.

After a break of 6 months or so I've decided to dip the old quill in the ink and post on my blog again.

The reasons I stopped are complex, and probably the subject of another post, but as aLUKEonLIFE noted, many of us had scampered off to Facebook.

After some playing with FB and dabbling with my old feeds again, I can see how the two Web2.0 phenomenon each fulfil different roles in my world. Also, reading of my blog's demise on someone else's blog gave me the sort of social connection that Facebook otherwise satiates. Blogging is not just sitting in hotel rooms writing posts. There are real people (and the odd webcrawler) reading this stuff- and that's deeply satisfying (even the crawlers- well, someone programmed them you know).

So, I hope some of you out there have not retuned your RSS feeds to more worthy authors and we can get back to the business of blogging hapless posts about my antics and hopefully the odd bit of healthcare IT insight!