Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lay on 10

TenOk, I make postings every few days about technology. If I had a quota and I could only make post one a week, possibly month, then this would almost certainly be it. It's early days so stay tuned to how things unfold, but a team of (mostly) respected Microsoft employees have launched a complimentary site to Channel9 called 10. Where Channel9 is designed for all things in IT development, 10 is about those who want to use technology. They rather altruistically use the phrase "...use technology to change the world". Watch out for that overhyping there MS.

Anyway, each day the site is updated (evening in the UK) with videos that highlight people and the technology they're using. At the end of the week the clips are compiled into a 'best of' style programme. In the UK we'll probably already be in the pub so it might, at best, be decent hangover material or something to crank you into Monday.

The secret to success will be how gripping that content is, but with the success of Channel9 (moreso Stateside than in Europe) the formula is proven.

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