Tuesday, March 14, 2006

BAA Cloud has silver lining

TheCloudAt last, all but one of BAA's UK airports is going to have WiFi installed for passengers, courtesy of The Cloud. It's been a long time coming and taken an interesting route. BAA issued a contract notice for a wireless network at the new Terminal 5 in August 2005. I was worried that T5 would therefore not be pioneering the technology and service until way out into 2008, when the new terminal opens, for subsequent roll out to other terminals and sister airports afterwards. But no, we are go with Stansted already live and another 5 going wireless this month.

I'm not sure where that leaves the T5 contract notice- is it a shoe in for The Cloud? Is it scoped so as to seperate the kit from the service? Will BAA build it's own wireless infrastructure for its own apps? This'll be interesting to see play out.

It's also not clear whether BAA Aberdeen is part of the deal. The press releases talk of 6 airports, with Aberdeen being the only one of BAA's 7 airports not mentioned in the rollout plan. However, the example of a business traveller includes Aberdeen in the scenario.

Still, I'm glad that I'll be able to use my TheCloud account in most of the UK's major airports now.

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