Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Upcomm launch Upcode

UpcommA month and a half ago I reported on some great new technologies spinning out of HP labs in Bristol-
QR codes and the Glass software. Well, it seems that the team at Upcomm were already well on the case. They have taken a very similar application (I'm not sure if it is an HP derivative or home grown), branded it and taken it to market. I saw one of their so called 'Upcodes' on an hardcopy advert for Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. In the corner was the code itself with a neatly branded surround and a URL for more info.

The Upcomm website doesn't carry much information beyond what the casual consumer needs to know, but it looks like this may be a company from Finland. Well, they should know about mobile phones. I suppose the trust in the technology comes from the association with the advertiser rather than the technologist, but I'm nosey.

I hope to see these logos proliferate over the coming year.

However, the only problem was that my first sighting of this application was on an advert above the seats on the tube. So, I wasn't able to try it. Possibly the only place amongst the ten million population of London where I have no phone reception. When will the London Underground sort that out? The HK tube is rammed with mobile telephony infrastructure.

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