Monday, April 24, 2006

London Marathon or Dance-a-thon?

Yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 26th Flora London Marathon. As I had some small chores to do for a few runners (well done Mark, Emily, Benoit and Colin) I bounced from Woolwich to Docklands to Wapping to Westminster. I also watched everything from the elite athletes to the club runners to the, often ambling, fancy dressers. Of the many thought provoking memories of the day (the myriad of good causes and unity of the people was uplifting) it struck me how many runners were listening to ipods (other devices are available). Outside of the elite I'd venture it was as much as 30 or 40% had their digital pals. I mused on how many might have compiled a specific soundtrack and what that accompaniment might be. I doubt anyone could manage 'Eye of the Tiger' back to back with 'Chariots of Fire' for 440 minutes, so I'd like to know what the top ten tunes were. Perhaps many opted for 'in the mix' style dance compilations or entire orchestral suites. Was anyone even usefully filling the time learning Spanish!
For some, I suppose music might be a practical technique of keeping pace. For others who have trained through the darkest evenings of the year with their digital motivators there might be an almost Pavlovian need in order for their legs to move.
Despite the electronics industry's best attempts to alienate me through the use of earpieces that won't stay in my ears on a train, let alone whilst jogging, I decided that a music player would be a must if I were to get through the training. I would build up to some carefully chosen beats which, on the big day, would subtly quicken and slow according to the pace best suited to me and the course. All I need to do is check that if I go the distance, then so do the batteries!

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Matt_c said...

That playlist would have to be planned very judiciously; imagine having to skip past a song that you (for whatever reason) just didn't want to hear. I imagine it might put one off one's stride to be running and selecting tracks (although I can manage it whilst driving so they should be ok...)