Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Calling all Teenagers

Institute of Engineering and TechnologyThe Institute of Engineering and Technology is interested in the views and opinions of under 18s. If you are under 18 but are thinking that you're not interested in engineering OR technology then:

a) why are you on the internet? It's not all bolts and volts you know?
b) YOU ARE EXACTLY WHO THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM- they need to see the whole spectrum.

The results of the 2020 Vision survey will help inform debate and discussion at an event being staged at Savoy Place on April 28.

This event will involve around 400 young people in the audience and will be available on line via IET.TV. The IET will also have film footage of young people from a number of countries giving their views, plus input from some leading engineers and technologists. Some of these people will be on film, including Azim Premji, founder of Wipro in India and a senior figure from NASA’s JPL. Taking part at Savoy Place will be Prof Kevin Warwick from Reading University, Mike Ely from Astrium and Braulio Morera from Arup.

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