Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Forest Cycling

MissClick, myself and a couple of friends hired some bikes in the New Forset the other day. I had been concerned that we'd be given some decrepit old things that could well ruin the day. However, I needn't have worried. In fact, th eopposite became likely- with brand spanking, two day old, bikes may not have been set up right and we'd struggle our way round the route. That was not to be either. The Beaulieu 'branch' of Country Lanes had provided us with some fantastic Trek mountain bikes for a near pitance.

The guy holding the fort was very hospitable and route maps were provided. Being early in the season they'd not had chance to learn that a pub which had been used as a reference point had become a residential property making it difficult to spot. This caused a few moments of finger pointing in Brockenhurst but it was a great day out. A bit of forest, heath and road covered our 20 or so miles which was a comfortable distance for all of us (even including an clandestine pub stop).

Thanks Country Lanes.

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