Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ministry KPIs

I was listening to an interview with a Salvation Army member last night. Far from the dour image, he was quite funny. In answering a question on how many 'converts' he would expect to make from a particular event, he replied "Over about 3 years Jesus Christ himself only managed to recruit 12 followers- and one of those was a bit ropey". Brilliant.


Atif said...

Hey... just thought I'd compliment you on your site. I stumbled across it on a search for Arup. My kind of articles, and well written, intersting thoughts too. So hey, pat yersel on the back! :)

Richard Atkinson said...

Arup? Interesting. I wasn't aware of pushing Arup articles, tags and links in particular. [Other consultancies are available] Funny how those search engines pick things up.

Anyway, welcome to my blog Atif and thanks for your comment.

Arup, Arup, Arup.

Atif said...

I'm joining Arup as a graduate engineer this September, and was searching Technorati for any interesting tidbits. There was a mention of Arup somewhere in one of your articles, and here I am.

Arup, Arup, Arup indeed. :-P