Thursday, April 27, 2006

Being more effective without the voodoo science

I've recently started working with some of the most successful and effective professionals I've ever met. What makes them so? Clearly it is a whole raft of things, in their case being pretty smart and academically high achievers definitely helped. Before you throw up your hands and say "its too late for me" and "what about us el-thickos?", read on.

I've noticed that they all manage their personal space incredibly efficiently. On further probing, several of them swear by a methodology called "Getting Things Done". So, I bought the book by David Allen. I've linked to the US Amazon site- the UK version is in the ad on the left. I've not read it yet so expect further postings as to whether it helps me, but basically I don't think I'm underselling the methodology to say it boils down how you manage your in tray.

There's a decent review by the FT but, unfortunately, if you don't have a subscription then you can only read the first part, but do so anyway. I'd cut and paste the article here but I don't think my Google Ads revenue would remotely cover the legal fees if they were to chase me! Besides, I'd say that the FT sub is worth the money for most business peeps.

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