Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ClickTowers receives DAB

I'm pleased to report that this morning's piercing alarm call was replaced by the soothing tones of digital radio. As an early birthday present to MissClick, I selflessly invested in a Tivoli DAB radio. Early results are promising- although I thought I'd better let the birthday girl do most of the playing. However, the sound is natural and warm and, after a head to head test in the shop against the top end Pure, was in a league of it's own. The sound more befits a much larger platform.

This is in no small part due to the founders of Tivoli who came together with huge hifi design credentials. Between them they've set up two of the world's most respected hifi makers- Acoustic Research and Cambridge Audio (who later came together to create Arcam).

There's one thing worth pointing out that wasn't reported on any of the websites or in the mags I read whilst researching DAB radios. There are two alarms so MissClick and I can be woken at different times. It might sound trivial, but it was an important feature, the lack of which could have seen us compromise on sound quality in order to purchase a radio with it. No such worries in the end though. Tivoli marketers can have that one on me.

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