Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If Carlsberg did Weigh & Save

VomFassI remember as a boy being dragged round shops called things like "Weigh & Save" where my parents would buy foodstuffs, typically at the staple end of the spectrum, at apparently bulk knock down prices. It's not a particularly fond memory and I've often wondered what if, just like their famed adverts, Carlsberg were to do Weigh & Save?

Well, I need wonder no more. I'm pretty sure it would be like VomFass. This franchise, which admittedly has a ropey look and feel on its corporate site (from which I pilfered the image in this article), has a UK site that seems to have been licked into something a little more sophisticated.

I stumbled across their shop in Stratford where I could buy wine, liqueurs, spirits and olive oil by the 100ml. There are tasteful racks of the stuff (using barrels and massive glass containers as appropriate etc) and you just choose your bottle and go for it.

Weigh & Save can keep it's oats by the shovel.

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