Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Are bloggers all mouth and no trousers?

In the main, probably yes. However, this group of Healthcare IT bloggers are holding a blogposium from April 18-10th to furnish a Clinical Informatics Wiki. This will show that blogging is capable of delivering real work, rather than just passing commentary on what catches their whim. For my part, I hope that by mentioning the event, their ying will compensate for much of my yang. Good luck bloggers.

Any experts in the area should contact Shahid Shah to register.

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Jack Mason said...

Blogposium has begun, and your comments, edits and input are welcome on all the participating blogs who are working together to feed the Clinical Informatics Wiki.

Check out the post on biobanking at
HealthNex which also includes links to all the other participants.

And please spread the word about this three-day, experiment in blog/wiki collaboration.