Monday, May 15, 2006

The Weather with You is Glorious is it? We'll see...

For a while now I've had the GeoURL link on the left border of my blog. Well, today I thought I'd catch up on who my web neighbours are and found a very useful site to tell me what the weather is like. It saves me looking outside of the window and everything :)

Well, it will help in my weekly gloat with my parents when we compare the weather on the Sunny south coast with that in the Yorkshire Dales. WorldBuddy provides current and recent weather conditions around the country's airports and therefore, although it doesn't provide a forecast (stick with the Met Office for that), it does provide a very detailed and accurate picture- temp, wind direction/speed, humidity, dew points etc etc. Claims from the other end of the phone of it being hot and sunny could be dispelled in an instant- although the weather is better than the proverbial "grim up north" in the lea of the Pennines, I'm not sure that it compares to the tropics of Dorset as often as is claimed by my folks.

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