Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lost in music

Ok, one more post before we get back to the tech. Those of us who regularly use public transport will be well aware of the uptake in use of personal music devices. Today I saw something new though. A young lady dancing away in the midst of a crowded London Underground commuter carriage. It was like something from an iPod advert. She wasn't just jigging in her own space. This was a full on, expressive, lost-in-music experience and, I have to say, contrary to irritating those around her, most were sad to see her alight before the end of their own journey.

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Anonymous said...

A public dance like this is a common scene in the busy streets of Maputo, just without an iPod or portable music players. Usually a car parks in the crowd and plays some loud music and people start to dance around the car :P