Friday, May 12, 2006

Snooker Ace Raises Money for Cancer Charity

Courtesy of the Ilkley GazetteIt's great how the Internet connects information. Before I go on and describe even more bleedingly obvious phenomena, let me explain.

I came across this story about how the snooker star, Paul Hunter, is raising money for a charity who help sufferers of a very rare form of hormonal cancer which he has himself.

Now, a bit of background. I've been helping my mother out with some genealogy and there is a hypothesis that we are related to Paul Hunter. There's a family resemblance, we're from the same area, my grandmother was born a Hunter and there are some crack snooker players in our midst (ok, maybe the latter is a red herring). Unfortunately, the one person who could shed some light on this (and apparently used to mention the connection) is no longer with us. Anyway, I've therefore long taken an interest in Paul's career, was shocked when I heard that he has cancer and have admired his tenacity in continuing to play at the highest ranks of world snooker, despite the chemotherapy numbing his hands.

Anyway, back to the interconnectedness of life... I was reading the blog Ilkley Rocks where Bertram Wooster wrote about the local rag, the Ilkley Gazette, receiving a website makeover. It was visiting this polished up website that led me to the story about Paul Hunter and how he is supporting a fundraising dinner in my home town, Ilkley (hence the promo picture in front of the Cow and Calf rocks).

Et voila, the web I weave is complete.

If you're interested, the dinner is about £110 a place and for a very worthy cause- NET Patient Foundation incorporating Living With Carcinoid.

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