Friday, May 12, 2006

Scobleizer Pours his Heart Out

Robert Scoble (in my view the greatest blogger out there) is going through the heartache of seeing his mother, in all probability, on her death bed. He is reknown, as a self confessed Microsoft geek, for his technology blog, but since he received the news of his mother's stroke and subsequent diagnoses of other problems, the blog has become the channel for his out pourings.

It makes for tear jerking reading and you can see the best of the blogging phenomena as people gather round in support. His decision to tell the world about it may appear to some to be self indulgent, but I like it when blogs are streams of conciousness rather than focussed on what their audience want. That is not a criticism of the specialist subject blogs that have become essential to my work, but I know which I prefer to read on the weekends.

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