Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Share your feeds

Using the Share Your OPML service for the first time today has given me the opportunity to reflect on how RSS has impacted on my computer usage.

More thorough reviews are available elsewhere, but basically the OPML file contains all your personal feed settings and this service enables you to manage multiple files and perhaps learn from other peoples' reading habits.

Just the summary of my own OPML was interesting. On a daily basis I'm reading content tailored for me, by me, from more than 90 sources. Imagine doing that before RSS. I'd have been surfing for 8 hours a day. Now I just spend 30 minutes a day and get all those goodies.

Still, it boggles me how some people are aggregating from 3000 sources... not all of them can just be poorly managed.

One particularly interesting feature of Share Your OPML is the ability to find like minded folk by comparing files. I look forward to reporting on my kindred spirits in due course.

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