Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Marylebone or bust

If or when I need to move back to London, I've always had an eye to the places where there is a sense of community and local identity. The last place I lived in London was Richmond Hill so I guess that set the tone.

Walking through Marylebone today made me wonder if this could be on the list... property prices permitting! It has a great High Street and at the moment they're building up to a Summer Fayre on Sunday 18th June. It seems that the Howard De Walden Estate takes a very active role in managing the concept of Marylebone Village. It's interesting to see private enterprise taking on this traditional council/tourism office role of 'planning and managing'. Presumably they see a payback in terms of the enhanced desirability leading to increased rents etc. Which is exactly why Marylebone might have to leave my short list as quickly as it arrived.

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