Friday, May 05, 2006

How Broad is your Broadband?

Just as ClickTowers is settling into life with a 2Mbps broadband connection, Peter Cochrane comes along and says that what you really need at home is 1,000Mbps.

Actually, he has a good point. In his Silicon Blog he explains that whilst 2Mbps might be good for web surfing from a PC or two, as more interconnected domestic appliances come on stream we will really need 1,000Mbps.

How long do we have? Well, the problem is that we've had a decade or more of high speed copper investment (DSL etc) and this sort of bandwidth leap requires a move to optical. This hasn't been factored in to the telcos finances so they are faced with some massive decisions. Just to keep things interesting, the Japanese and Koreans are already on that infrastructure roadmap with the acceptance that a dedicated 100Mbps is a minimal spec and building towards 1,000Mbps. So it becomes a competitive advantage for the 'haves' and a competitive disadvantage to us 'have-nots'. If we don't make the switch it will, at some point, hit our GDP.

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