Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Art Space Launching...

A colleague has brought to my attention the countdown to the launch of MyArtSpace. This will be a place for artists and photographers to upload unlimited images of their work into a personalised gallery. In that great spirit of Web2.0 this will form the basis of a community with reviews, critiques, announcements, awards etc. The designers have used Flash to great effect. The front end has possibly been cooked to the limit with an age old splash screen, however, the useability around the galleries is fab.

To entice people in there's a competition where you can win a stay at an amazing villa in the South of France. At the moment this dominates the site to the point of being a distraction from the core purpose, but it IS onehelluva prize so why not.

I wonder how much of a contribution to the name was made by the possibility of a trade sale to Mr Murdoch?

Anyway, grab your scribblin' sticks and let's make art.

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