Monday, May 08, 2006

New Top Gear Series

It is with a song in my heart that I write about Top Gear returning to BBC 2 on Sunday night. What a great programme. You worry when one series finishes that they won't be able to top that in the next... then they do. Nowhere else will you see a near half million pound Koenigsegg pushed beyond it's limit and plough into the safety tyres. Who else would cut the top off a Renault Espace, mount a home made tarp, and then ride it through the lions' den of a wildlife park?

I'm glad to see that they didn't tinker with the formula too much and welcome their new novelty- a lovely labradoodle called "Top Gear Dog" (who did nothing but laze around with disinterest).

Lots of good looking stuff coming up, including whacky races against a sky diver and some street runners.

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