Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How does your site look in IE7?

It's interesting times in the world of browsers as Microsoft launches the latest version of its Internet Explorer 7.0. Why is that interesting? Well, aside from the spat with Google over bundling the search box into the browser, after years of criticism, Microsoft seems to be waking up to the value of web standards. Previous versions of IE have interpretted code in subtly different ways resulting in web developers having to work hard to ensure their work could be presented in different browsers. This wasn't just Microsoft being awkward. Some of their approaches had technical merit over the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) approach. With IE7, support for cascading style sheets (CSS), in particular, has been more closely aligned with the W3C standard.

But such a change, however welcome, is causing turmoil amongst webmasters who have woken up to their pages being presented differently overnight. But help is at hand. Tools are available to help with the transition which also spans new IE features in the areas of Security and support for XML standards. The best advice is to get your hands on a copy of IE7 and have a look at the sites that you are responsible for... pronto.

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