Monday, May 15, 2006

8 Blue Flag Beaches within Walking Distance

Encams, the environmental charity who are responsible for the Keep Britain Tidy campaign and admininistrating the Blue Flag Beach Seaside Awards in England, have announced this year's Blue Flag winners. For the second year running Bournemouth and Poole have netted four awards each, giving us 8 of England and Wales' 120 Blue Flag beaches within walking distance of ClickTowers.

To be honest, it would have been an embarrassment to either Poole or Bournemouth to have received anything less, and the loss of an award would probably have seen heads rolling. Both these authorities rely on the awards to fuel their valuable tourism industry.

One question I have though- why has Studland Beach (managed by the National Trust) not been awarded a blue flag? It looks every bit as clean as its blue flag neighbours in Poole and perhaps even more idyllic. Perhaps it is related to access (something which I'm happy for Studland to have relatively little of- keeps it quiet). Another possibility is that the National Trust don't have the resources to submit their application.

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