Monday, May 15, 2006

Best Long Term Storage Format?

Ok, so let's take everything we read in the papers at face value and, between the celeb worshipping and reality TV, assume that we take some time out to plan for the demise of humanity.

Think of a disastrous event which wipes out, say, 99% of the human population on earth. Now think about you being one of those 'lucky' enough to come out blinking into the light. Let's say you reinstate the basic needs of warmth, food, shelter etc. Now, what would be the best way to access the thousands of years of civilisation's knowledge in order to start to develop society and technology as fast as possible?

Ok, so we would need some basic instructions in a readable form, but what format would you follow after that? How do we avoid the fate of the burning of the great Library of Alexandria and it's 500,000 books? Which format has the best long term stability?

This isn't an excuse for a PC vs MAC debate!

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