Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The World's Greatest Site gets new Blog...

...in my opinion.

That's right (as if you haven't guessed what I'm talking about), the mighty Justgiving has a new home for its blog on Typepad. It looks like it has the making of being a more potent tool for folks fundraising for charities. Very Web 2.0.

It's great to see people really making their fundraising pages work for their chosen charities. On the Another Chance to See site (inspired by Douglas Adams and Mark Cawardine's trip around the world to see endangered animals), they're using their Justgiving thermometer to track progress of their fundraising for one of Douglas's favourite charities, Save the Rhino.

In another example, a group are raising funds for Sam, a little boy who was paralysed in a car accident, by selling books via Justgiving.

Inspiring. It's not all marathons you know.

Hop to it. Do something daft and raise some doh.

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