Monday, August 21, 2006

Web Access Crippled by 'Downloader' Virus

I consider myself to have been fairly lucky (or solidly locked down) when it comes to PC viruses. However, at the weekend I was hit by the Downloader virus. I immediately started running updates on all 3 security products I use and began some full scans. The virus is embedded into a file called epl.exe and Symantec had trouble quarantining and/or deleting it.

I've not done much research on "Downloader"- mainly because Symantec eventually claimed to have deleted it. However, it looks like it is still there because Symantec told me again that it has deleted it. I very much doubt that I've been infected twice, but probably it never actually went away.

It's something I'll have to look into more seriously some time.

Surf safely kids. It's a jungle out there.

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