Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More bad news for NHS IT, but let's not lose focus

According to e health insider, the NHS PAS outage reported in an earlier post as being due to be resolved by last night... is still down. Some Trusts face being without systems until Thursday.

We need to keep this in perspective. Yes, it is a disaster. No, this should not have happened with the plethora of systems and knowledge available today. However, many people are taking this as an opportunity to knock the vision of an integrated nationwide electronic patient record. I disagree with this tactic wholeheartedly. Why? Well, if I have a life threatening illness, actually any illness requiring intervention by a surgeon, I would happily travel the length and breadth of the country to find the best qualified surgeon, with the best measured results, for my specific condition. I do NOT want to be constrained by what the chaps at the local golf club... ahem, sorry, General Hospital can do.

A car crash does not make the car a bad idea.

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