Monday, August 14, 2006

Oakie- stick to Remixes and Producing

Paul Oakenfold is probably the biggest name DJ out there. Yes, he's the bloke who did the Big Brother theme. He even cropped up in the credits of the new Pink Panther film which I watched at the weekend. However, on the performance of the last two times I've heard him in a club, he should probably stick to what he's REALLY good at- remixing and producing.

Don't get me wrong, he's perfectly adequate at holding a crowd, but in a world rammed with talent, I find the big intros by the likes of BBC Radio 1 this last Saturday nauseous. I'm sorry Annie Mac, he's not the highlight of your week in Ibiza. You might need to justify that to your accountants but he was, at best, OK. Look past the legend. I don't mean to sound bitter but let someone else take to the stage-like DJ booth at Amnesia for Cream. Can they not hear that Paul dropped the beat in at least two mixes... you couldn't hear the euphoria of the crowd like you could with other DJs on the night.

Ironically, the last time I heard Oakie live was Cream @Amnesia in Ibiza too. We were lucky enough to be up in the gods, and I remember even on that night in 2004 we didn't have high expectations of his set- in fact, most people had turned out to see Tiesto who unfortunately had to cry off ill. An OK night, but not top drawer.

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