Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SyncML- what's that all about?

My recent post about frustrations with my Nokia N70 led Undone to comment that I should try a http synch of my contacts and calendar to an online service such as Zyb. Being the dutiful blogger, I do everything my readers suggest (I wonder where I find the time too) so I watched the video as to what it's all about, read a little bit more to ensure I wasn't sending my contacts straight to Mr Bin Laden (turns out it will be in the hands of some trusty Danes) and then went through the set up process. How easy was that? Simple, and with every step explained, right down to the phone specifics. Now I can see and manage all my contacts and calendar entries online through a very rich and intuitive interface. All the contacts fields seem to transfer ok (including images and notes). The calendar was a little less successful with the recurring meetings and all day events not being transferred. When will I be able to upload my tasks and notes too?

Zyb is free to use as a back up and to transfer info between phones. They're quite open that they will charge a modest fee for extra services which they will introduce. Can't argue with that. One such service I will be delighted to pay long as it's not too much... is to sync between Zyb and Outlook. Then I can throw away the menace of the cable and, hopefully, bring the whole sync between phone and laptop back to life (yes, that's right- still no fix to the original problem).

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