Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Technology Usage and Wealth- the Postcode Survey

Ilkley is a town nestling at the foot of the Yorkshire Dales. Nothing too controversial ever happens there, so when you do read about Ilkley in the news, it is often as a result of some sort of survey into wealth or affluence. For example, in this HBOS survey, Ilkley is named amongst places such as Altrincham, Richmond-Upon-Thames, Harpenden as having an average house price which exceeds the Inheritance Tax threshold (the only place in Yorkshire on the list). On a different aspect of life 'affluent' Ilkley is reported as having an infant mortality rate of 5 times less than Bradford and Keighley- just 16 and 5 miles away respectively.

Well now another survey, this time in the area of technology, singles Ilkley out for special attention. The research by UCL and published through Spatial-Literacy shows that Ilkley is made up of the highest but one of seven groups of people measured by tech savviness (and top but two of all the twenty three subtypes), and twins them with such postcode districts as Alderley Edge, Cheltenham, Woodstock and Wirral. If you know anything about these areas, the inevitable conclusion you have to draw from this is that technology usage is associated with wealth. This needn't be as obvious as it seems, but this survey is probably the most detailed study yet as it looks at all 17 million postcodes cross referenced against Experian (credit reference agency) data.

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