Monday, August 21, 2006

Are Kids becoming Desensitised?

Courtesy of Camster FactorWhat do you have to do to excite kids these days? On Friday my lunch was pleasantly interrupted by the annual Bournemouth Red Arrows display. I'd have been gobsmacked as a child to see these daredevil antics. However, the children sat near my position on West Overcliff were seriously non-plussed, asking very practical questions such as "Why are they red?", "Where are they going?" and "Why are they smoking?". Good questions, but all the ooohs and ahhhs were coming from the parents.

Even when a lone jet surprised us by screaming right over our heads from behind, I swear that I saw nonchalant shrugs from some kids. Is this a symptom of modern life, or was it always like this?

I have to commend Camster Factor for their great photos posted on Flickr.

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khon_fused said...

I was very much ooohs and aaahs down by the beach there and so was the baby, but she may have been copying! Thanks for choosing the photo. Even though others in the set are perhaps more technically crafted the one you chose is definitely my favourite for capturing the nature of the event. The youth of today? All sedated by modern mass media I suspect!

Richard Atkinson said...


I see what you mean about the photo. I like this one. Also, I needed a picture that set the scene of a sunny day in Bournemouth. This captured that.