Monday, August 07, 2006

MacBook Pro Trial

Here at ClickTowers we have two new MacBook Pros on trial courtesy of Apple. So firstly, apologies that this is taking longer to type, but I'm just getting used to all the basics. Hopefully you will wait for me at the end of the post.

So far I have to say that this has been a pleasure. Macs feel good. It's a product design thing- this is simply a highly desirable machine and using it makes you feel good. After all the expectation of contacting our office IT folks to arrange to set the machine up on our network, I just plugged the MacBook Pro in and it worked. Ok, only at the network, wireless access point and file server level, but that's easier than I expected. By the end of the week we should be running Entourage on one and Parallels Windows XP with Office on the other. That's right, Microsoft.

Then we'll be road testing them for a couple of months and deciding what role they will play in our technology strategy. I have to say that no matter how clinically you approach your technology architecture, you can't fail to be impressed by things such as the power supply being attached with a magnet so that if someone trips over the cable, it just detaches without causing any damage to equipment... or the mains power light being on the MacBook Pro connector end of of the cable rather than hidden on a black brick under the table... or the built in camera... or the remote control...

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