Saturday, February 18, 2006

When is the Hermitage Hotel's new venue opening?

This Bournemouth hotel has been developing a round annex at the front that overlooks the esplanade around the pier and the gardens.
Construction finished a loooong time ago. I've not been counting, but it seems like the shell was done 6-10 months ago. The fit out is taking an age. To be precise, it's still empty (excepting a few random tables). The only beneficiaries at the moment seem to be ECUK Electrical Contractors, whose small billboard must be doing wonders for their profile.
I'm imagining that behind the scenes there are boardroom dramas being played out with tourism moghuls pitched against project managers... but who knows? Are there problems? It's teasing us with the promise of being a great venue for a bar/restaurant, but when will it open? Anyone know? Anyone? Please... I need a drink...
Meanwhile- the tills are ringing off the bars at So, Makia, Klutes, Landmarc, 1812 et al. Someone must need some trade at the Hermitage soon...


Anonymous said...

Currently have legal issue with the local authority over the boundary at the rear of the building, will not open until resolved although technically the unit can open now. Wish to wait until sorted, not willing to compromise and be bullied. Building is not affecting hotel trade or costing anything sat empty, just not generating any revenue for hotel or COUNCIL. Hope that one day once reached court that it will open.

Hope this clears up thoughts.

Richard Atkinson said...

Thanks Anonymous. You clearly are on the inside track with this one.

Obviously, there are two sides to every debate, but as a Bournemouth resident, I hope the venue is opened quickly so we can enjoy it.

Regarding it 'not costing anything', I know what you mean. However, unless you have a phenomenal deal with the contractors, the capital in the building isn't providing a return and there must be a cost associated with that investment.

I'm sure you've taken this into account in your decision not to compromise (whatever that compromise might be) and effectively prolong opening.

Good luck.