Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Richmond Park- London's Best Kept Secret...

Richmond Park...and with the readership of this blog, it's likely to stay that way, which is great. Speaking of my readership, I'd like to say hi to you both- thanks for putting us up this weekend. You're stars.

The morning after the night before, and after a hearty breakfast, we went to blow to the cobwebs off in Richmond Park. Although I lived nearby for quite a while, I still find it reassuring to find that in this day and age there is still somewhere within the M25 where you can get reasonably lost. No buildings to get your bearings by. No colourful signs to lead the way. Just wild grass, lakes, trees, hills and the occassional group of London Dynamo cyclists weaving their way round the perimeter road. Superb.

An opportunity to exercise some schoolboy naturalism (not to be confused with Naturism- at least, not today). Shelduck, Mallard, Green Woodpecker, Swan, Coot, Roe Deer, Parrots and 'fun dad' were all spotted in our hour or two's meanderings. Fun dad was encouraging his boys to charge through the muddy puddles, and leading the way valiantly. Would love to have been a fly on the wall when they got home and were subjected to the laundry police's interrogation.
Roe Deer

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