Friday, February 17, 2006

But first, a point of order...

It is my duty and honour, as Bournemouth Convenor of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, to inform you of an exciting presentation coming soon. If you liked watching Eugene in Big Brother, you'll love this. If you liked watching him speak in Morse code, you'll be whooppin' and hollerin' in the aisles. If you liked watching him catch some rays and talk about the cult of celebrity- you will be sorely disappointed. This is nothing about Eugene Sully, and everything about Radio Hamming...

"45 Million Miles from Earth"

In this, the first of the 2006 programme of IEE Lectures in Bournemouth, Radio Ham Paul Marsh describes how he built and used a home made receiver to sucessfully recieve signals from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter transmitting in X-band at a staggering range of 45 million miles from Earth. As NASA's New Horizons' mission to Pluto gets underway, for how long can amateurs keep pace with the space race?

Speaker: Paul Marsh, IBM and keen Radio Ham
Venue: Allsebrook Lecture Theatre, Bournemouth University
Date and Time: Tea/Coffee from 6:30pm. Presentation from 7pm, Thursday 2nd March 2006
For further details, go to the IEE website

PS. If it really is just Eugene you would like to see, I believe he's "explaining things in a down to earth and fun way" at The Studio, Hawth Theatre, Crawley on the previous day.


Richard Atkinson said...

Big thanks to Zoe at IEE HQ for coordinating the 'official' publicity. Great job.

Richard Atkinson said...

UPDATE... Paul will be bringing the hardware with him to the presentation.

Richard Atkinson said...

UPDATE: Travel details available from