Saturday, February 18, 2006

Landmarc set to be Bournemouth's place to be seen in 2006

Thanks to GenevaInformationIt's only February but, for me, The Landmarc is standing head and shoulders above the rest in Bournemouth right now for food, drink, music and entertainment.

The team have done a mind boggling job of converting this old church into the hottest venue in town. I'm sure that some people will think of it as too good. In a sense, the building is intimidating, leaving the new visitor awestruck. The conversation with MissClick for the first hour must have gone something like "wow"..." look at that"..."they've even got"..."I wonder how they got that in" etc etc. You might think that such a place is not given to just a relaxing slurp, but the big screen was showing RBS 6 Nations rugby and after great burgers we weren't being hurried by the waiters and waitresses (who curiously wear white boiler suits). The attention to detail is incredible and the food hearty. My one slight gripe is that the selection of beers is very commercial with a limited range of the usual suspects.

Actually, gripe #2 is the fact that their website, by comparison with the physical experience, is quite underwhelming. Genevainformation has taken superb photographs which provide a sense of the building- that's why I've chosen one of their pictures for my blog. If this can be mixed with the excitement of the punters, the website could work well. For now, it just doesn't have the wow factor. It does what it does, but when you've visited the place, your expectations are so much higher.

However, when you step through the door, who's checking the website? What a season of events that has been laid on! With great imagination, a programme of comedy and live acts has been put together with not hint of cheesiness. And that is the funny thing. Some of these acts should reek of cheese (Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury impersonators, a Beetles cover band...) but somehow, as punctuation marks in a programme founded on solid performers like Omar and sophisticated themed nights, they ooze class.

The one consolation for the owners of ClickRich's previous "Favourite Hang Out", Jimmy's, is that they own both establishments. Every sinew of what they've learnt from Jimmy's Bar and Club has gone into this place.

For the best night in town, just add friends.

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